• Duel Yard

    This free-for-all map was created especially for classic duels. I got a lot of inspiration from original Chivalry maps (Stoneshill, Courtyard and Tavern mainly) so credit goes to the incredible artists at Torn Banner!

    Please feel free to leave feedback and I try to improve the map accordingly :)


    • flat and open area for fighting
    • spawns close to the fighting area
    • longer timelimit (30 mins)
    • Fountain of Life, heals the player so you can jump right back into action
    • mead!
    • better performance than any classic Chivalry map (including Moor)


    • removed stamina generation (it froze the stamina bar)


    • tiny visual update
    • hopefully fixed a bug where you could make others drunk if they were in the radius of the mead


    • big visual update
    • added delay to avoid fountain spamming


    • changed lighting drastically
    • added stamina regeneration on fountain use
    • some visual changes

  • the best custom map so far


    the best custom map so far

    This. Based fountain.


    the best custom map so far


    This. Based fountain.

  • Honestly it looks kinda depressing right now since it’s gray everywhere. Try adding some grass to make it more vibrant?
    Moor was nice since it was almost flat grasslands next to lake and looked very pretty.

    Other than that, it’s top notch old duel map.

  • Stamina regen on fountain use incoming!
    Less depression in the work also :P Thanks for the feedback. I sure do wanna add some more color :)

  • Great map - Simple (high fps), regen fountain, lots of space, cool looking, 30 min round.

  • Please can you un perm ban me from the server. I joined and thought it was FFA, when I asked just to make sure nobody replied and so I duly got kicked only to find I had been permanently banned. I got no warning whatsoever. Obviously if you unban me I will play it as classic duel.

  • Seems like someone abused his admin powers (me). I unbanned all currently banned players now ;)

  • Looks great, gonna host this on my server!
    Do the rings have some special properties, or are they just outlines? :)

  • @B4RK:

    Looks great, gonna host this on my server!
    Do the rings have some special properties, or are they just outlines? :)

    Just outlines. In one version I had a platform rising up above jump height when exactly 2 people were in the circle and as soon as one died or jumped down it lowered back down. But it was kinda glitchy fighting on it, unfortunately.

    Cool that you want to host it, I will write here when I update it (maybe tonight to add stamina regen on fountain use).

  • Could you provide the folder name for the map?
    I can’t seem to find it anywhere in my CookedSDK folder.

    Edit: Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if anything was downloaded after pressing subscribe. I have used the search function in exlorer to find DuelYard_p without results.

  • Hey,
    I am currently at work and don’t have access to the files but Steam downloads the files to a very weird folder when you subscribe on the workshop. Search for “aocsdklevels_182477564707041bb66ea69470ae2e90.cmwsdk” and you’ll find it in a folder like Steam\userdata\…\ugc\referenced\SET_OF_NUMBERS FOLDER. This is the file that you have to put on the server. Then you can add the map to the rotation as: AOCFFA-DuelYard_p

  • The days of duelling on Moor are over! Time to start a new era.

  • It appears Steam never downloaded the map from the workshop then. Weird… I suppose I could try to join your server in order to download it.

  • New update live :)

  • @fvonb:

    New update live :)

    I am allways looking forward for your updates Fürst :P
    But with chiv+ is your awesome fountain useless :D

    if i have an idea i’ll write it to you

  • just played on this, i like it. Lots of open space, looks nice. And fountain in the middle. Although i had one fuck keep healing at it during the duel. Remind me to start duels at a distance from the fountain lol.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I think I added a delay to the fountain, so just keep raining attacks on that griefer ;)

  • Been trying to get this map working on the Faucheur Duels server.

    Using NFO, but can’t figure out where to put the files… nothing works.

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