Hive Gamer Chivalry Medieval Warfare 64 Man 1 vs 1 - 2500!! Hive Tokens up for grabs

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    Tournament structure:

    • Mode: Single Elimination best of [3] | [7] Frags/Kills

    Jan 4th 2014 8:00PMEST
    Purse Winnings - [ [COLOR=#ffa500]2500.00 Hive Tokens ] 1st Place
    Winner take all

    Additional Prizes - 2 Months Paid Chivalry: Medieval Warfare premium dedicated (IL) 16 slot game server w/ high CPU priority. Sponsored by Hivegaming.Net (prize value $ 59.26)

    Hive Gaming will setup a series of locked premium dedicated competition game servers on the night of the event. Players and Spectators alike may view the events from the Hive Gamer event room. Where you can watch and chat about the events live with the HG Staff. This is a NA Event. However EU players are welcome to join but are required to play under NA rules/Servers. Players will have to play on a IL Server. provided by ( however if both teams decide on a different server this is also acceptable)

    Why Chicago?
    More long haul fiber goes through Chicago than any other city in the United States. Most of the fiber connecting the East and West coasts of the United States goes through Chicago, giving Chicago ample network capacity as well as routes that offer low latency to both the East and West coasts.

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