Way too much stamina

  • i know its only a beta but damn why did they even bother putting stamina …
    i keep runing around , bunny hopping and swinging my sword at everything and
    i never once ran out of stamina in a battle … the stamina in AOC was much more
    balanced … and the fact that running doesnt cost stamina too is ridiculous at best …

    now its spamspamspam and run like a coward …

    but everything else is awesome!

  • Just wait till next patch, and I’m sure you’ll change your opinion. They are going to add stamina damage to weapon parries in the upcomming patch I believe.

  • In the beta right now stamina indeed is very high, i have been fighting Vanguards hopping around like crazy kangaroos and knights who are non stop Maul and Axe swingers. And the Man At Arms can dodge left and right far to much, i think one left and right dodge is good, stamina is low so they cant really dodge that fast anymore and have to fight for real instead of running towards you stabbing like a pimp who wants his money.

  • There is another patch coming soon you may like…

  • @Andrew:

    There is another patch coming soon you may like…

    Awesome, can’t wait! And your sig never gets old Necramonium! :D

  • @Andrew:

    There is another patch coming soon you may like…

    as much as i like bunny hopping in age of chivalry before it was changed (still able to), I don’t really like it in here (mainly cause you get stuck on terrain more and also take damage + bounce off of team mates)

    when is this patch coming? ! :P

  • ah cant wait for the next patch !

  • I imagine stamina to have a nice effect on gameplay. Sprinting all the time isn’t really… … medieval :arm:

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