Annoying shield FoV bug

  • If you are like me and constantly swap the shield off your back in fights then you might have noticed that after continued swapping that the shield eventually misplaces itself and clips through your own model.

    Then when you move, you will constantly have the shield “bobbing” through your field of view from your back. It gets in the way and it is disorientating as it blocks quite a bit of your screen. I’ve tried it at base FoV and I still get the shield clipping through my face.

    Will post screenshots when I get home.

  • I noticed this once with the MaA.
    Although, it has never happened to me until I used 120 FoV.

  • It happens to me at Fov 110, rarely though.

  • I know this isn’t a solution but it is a temp fix, pretty sure going into third person view and back will rectify the issue until it happens again.

  • Its happened to me just swapping weapons or using oil pots with some weapons.

    vanguard and archer.

  • Yup, I can actually confirm this.It seems like it loads both 1st person and 3rd person models as while you are in 1st you see parts of your character that aren’t supposed to be visible unless you’re in 3rd.The reason I believe this is because yesterday this bug reached it’s height by blocking my entire screen with the inside of my veteran helmet -.-

  • Found a way to cause it. If you get off the balista and your weapons are locked, if you swap weapons to fix it, it puts the shield through your face when it’s on your back.

    That’s one sure fire way to bug yourself, seems to happen randomly when swapping weapons normally.

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