Launch problem

  • game wont launch but was working before been playing for a while but all of a sudden game just wont launch please help I have done the cache thing on steam and it still just wont launch.

  • Hi,

    What happens when you try to launch? Do you get any error messages? Can you paste a copy of your launch.log/dxdiag?

  • nothing happens no errors it just says preparing to launch then does not launch even if lauch from steam it says the same then does not launch

  • I had this happen to me. The only way I could fix it was reinstalling Steam and Chivalry, then it began to work. If that doesn’t work then your computer probably doesn’t meet the system requirements.

  • Also check you have the visual c++ redistributable installed

  • done and done and my system meets the requirements as i have a powerful pc, it actually much more powerful than need but hey ho lol. The game used to run with no problems apart from odd restart here and there. I just cant figure out why desktop launcher and steam launcher starts process and then dont start i can run chivalry form the launch file in steamapps file but its only medevil chivelry and cant run deadliest warrior from there as no launch file.

  • I’m having the same problem. I put 70+ hours into the game then all of a sudden it won’t work. Whenever I try to launch through steam, the “preparing to launch” window pops up for a second but nothing happens. If I try to launch udk.exe from the steam folder, an error pops up that says I need .NET 4 but whenever I try to install .NET4 it fails. I’m using Windows XP

  • try launching sdk launch files and it could be directX u may be having trouble with. I dnt get errors just wont launch. hopefully someone can help.

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