Turning Off Native Controller Support

  • Hi,

    Been playing chivalry for a little while, and i’ve always been a console guy so wasd just doesnt feel natural to me, and yes i understand that puts me at a disadvantage, thats fine. I personally enjoy the game more with a controller.

    Anyway, had a few gripes with the Native support so used xpadder to fix these, but problem is the game is still running the native support in the background, so essentially all my buttons do two things. Is there anyway to deactivate native support?

    I’ve tried looking around in config folders, but input files seem to be everywhere, so very hard to find which one actually changes controller binding.

    Any help from other xpadders would be greatly appreciated :-)


  • Sorry to be a pain, but this would really improve my enjoyment. Any know exactly what config file i need to change for controller support?

    Otherwise the native support is still very playable

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