Dear God, Please help me!!

  • Hey guys this is Λ | Citizen ​on an alt account because my main isn’t working.

    The other day I was playing for a good 4 hours but then my game crashed. Now whenI click play in steam It says "preparing to launch game"this message only stays there for a couple of seconds and then goesand the game does not open. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Although, it might be useful for me to point out to anyone who has an answer tothis problem that I have noticed something about this problem. WhenI start the game with the friends list out. My steam status says thatI am in-game on Chivalry. It says that for about two seconds and thenafterwards it says I am only online.

    So far I have verified my files, reinstalled the game and steam, and a couple of other fixes I am finding online. I CAN get C:MW to open going directly to the UDK.exe. Basically, the game launcher where you select MW/DW will not launch from steam.

  • Well for the forum issue you just has to reset your password for your old account. It sends the email to your spam/junk inbox with some email providers.

  • I have no idea man. I had this same issue and reinstalling Steam and Chivalry fixed it for me. If it didn’t work for you then…guess you’re fucked :\

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