Weapon Unlocks

  • Absolutely fed up, this is awful constant resetting of my progress, i have unlocked this weapon over 20 times and it never saves my progress of unlocking it back to 4 kills to unlock, this is awful, i could understand if this game was in its first month of release but it is not, This ruins a good game. Is there anyway to fix this or will this ever be fixed?

  • Agreed. Personally I’ve had the weapons unlocked for quite some time. But it’s very difficult to keep friends playing and joining when it constantly doesn’t work for them and the only solace I have to give them is, “they know it’s broken”. New players are getting fed up sadly, and I don’t blame them.

  • sad isnt it, a year later and people are still having this issue, this is a serious issue and should be a drop and stop everything, no nerfest warrior progress or anything and all hands on deck to fix this issue right now kinda bug, i feel so bad for all you guys and honestly torn banner has really dropped the ball on not fixing this issue and it is gonna be 1 of the staws that broke the camels back if not fixed sum time soon, people only have so much patience for being let down over and over and over again.

    the last patch fixed alot of stuff and game looks way better but sadly ppl still are having this issue, lets hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Yeah i have the same problem, i am with the 3rd crossbow at 58. Everytime i use the crossbow to kill the number decreases as it should be. But then at the next game it has resetten back to 58. I played a few days now with this class, its really annoying since its the last weapon of the game i need to unlock… :(

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