Include CMW maps in deadliest!

  • If we could also play the original game maps in the expansion that would really help in merging the community. Yeah I know no team objective, but how hard would it be to add the original maps?

  • No, god no. The MW maps would be too small to support the much faster moving characters. Also the MW maps wouldn’t fit the aesthetic TB went for, making maps tailored to each class.

    Isle = Pirate
    Bamboo Forest = Samurai + Ninja
    Acropolis = Spartan
    Fjord = Vikings
    Fortress = Samurai + Ninja (again)
    Then there’s the one map with the draw bridge = Knight

    Also the community wouldn’t merge anyway because DW doesn’t have the broken animations us pros like to exploit.

  • Forcing people to choose a class is lame in my book, but thats my opinion. Saying the reason they should not port maps due to maps being class specific is faulty. They are going to allow people to create their own content likely maps that are not class specific. Furthermore currently in ffa no one has to be a pirate on the pirate map.

    The DW maps all seem to big. If people don’t like the CMW maps they just wont play them. But it would be epic to have them ported and give people a chance to try them out and judge for themselves.

    If the maps are to small, which I don’t think they are they could simply lower the player limit like everyone already does for smaller maps.

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