Drunken plea for higher rank players

  • Hello,

    take your drink, sit closer to me and hear me out. I have been playing with an alt account for some time, and so, for some time people had no idea they face another over 1k hours fag in the duel before the fight ended, well, usually it ends with them calling my weapon OP and staying oblivious.

    Regrettably, many duelers are not true to the game’s name. I talk about people laughing into your face the entire fight using the ingame messages, waiting for you to come to them or else they don’t fight, laughing after they beat you and trying to shove their supremacy into your noobie face (yes, I get to have some bad days too). It happens to me only when I play with my low rank alt account.

    I know you might say: “but Mef, it’s only a game, you should not take this seriously, why so mad?”. But you know what? For the guy who spent so much time in the game it gets tiresome and in my experience the guys who can’t show you some manners in duel are pain in the ass to talk to in real life, too. But mainly I wonder how the REAL low rank players must feel when high rank beats them into pulp, decimates their remains and laughs into their faces the entire time.

    I have an idea, what if we don’t do that? Instead we try not to be dicks to noobies and MAYBE to each other, I talk to you high rank players, not too many of us left anyway. It always disappoints me too see a good player with no manners and I bet you too.

    Give the beginner guys a clean quick death, there is no point in pulling punches, they need to learn to deal with your stuff somehow, but don’t be a dick about it. Never return BM, just ignore it. If they politely ask how you manged to win, try to answer. Do this and we’ll have all the nice things.

    p.s.: got drunk, called a high rank guy pathetic for him waiting for me to come to him across the entire moor in the duel mode while laughing, laughing when he manged to land a few hits, loosing, pulling out feint norse + shield (not that I have anything against feints, oh please don’t turn it into another feint thread) and failing to beat me again, my apologies to the guy if he reads this, but now he knows my reason

  • See he should have pulled out a Quaterstaff.

    I agree with you.

  • @Mef:

    feint norse + shield

    I love it when that happens. I like to call it “desperation mode” when you just HAVE to win.

    Sadly, lots of higher ranks are complete dicks and there is nothing we can do to fix it.

    Personally I threat everyone neutrally unless they prove themselves otherwise. I also like to spam voice commands regardless of my opponent. If that offends someone, so be it.


    decimates their remains

    From what I have experienced, low ranks do this far more. Personally I don’t do it because it’s annoying when someone does it to you. Golden rule, you know.

  • I dont know what you are smoking but the last few sales have produced the worst noobs I have ever played against. Trolls hackers and shit talking douche bags that will vote kick you in a heartbeat if you are even halfway good. So you can take this whining and complaining to someone who gives a rats ass. As soon as these noobs figure out how to vote kick, that is all they do. I cannot tell you how many times i and others have been kicked because we had some rank or a clan tag and was just playing well. This is on top of the taunts and in game chat trolling. 90% of the time I and some friends didnt even respond and we still got kicked. Sorry if I sound like I am raging but getting kicked because you are good, wearing a clan tag or a high rank gets old fast.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this topic.

    To some degree, of course. I’m rank 36 so people don’t treat me like a complete noob but when I do win in duel mode against a more experienced player, they take their shield out and feint all the way. (Just like you I don’t want to turn this into an anti-feint thread, but let’s just say I find something like a Messer or maybe a Zweihander a bit unfair to feint with.) It’s ridiculous IMO. A high-ranked player who prefers a cheap win over an epic duel.

    But some noobs tend to be dicks too. I’m obviously talking about the kind that grew tired of CoD and doesn’t realize they just bought a game that actually requires some degree of skill instead of just shooting around and getting 1st place.
    New players tend to be on their best on classic duel(FFA) servers(when they finally got the clue that it’s duel, not FFA XD) and constantly ask me how to do certain things I show them.
    Against other players my level I give it everything I got and new players usually ask questions to me and my opponent. Against a new player I tend to just walk forward and only do LMB and overhead attacks to teach them to 1)block at the last moment and you’re sure it’ll succeed instead of just panic-blocking and 2)block my weapon instead of just blocking forward while my weapon is 90 degrees to your left.

    And I agree with HammerSword. I’d like to say that there’s rotten apples between the normal new players that tend to ruin the atmosphere for everyone but truth is: so far I’ve encountered twice as many douchebag noobs who abuse the votekick-system from the moment they’re told how it works(I never tell them as this behavior is just so predictable) as just honest new players who want to play the game and learn how to become better at it.

  • But it’s so fun being BM to noob-plebs

  • Sometimes I’m a dick to noobs, but it’s not noob targeted. It’s usually just frustration directed at somebody for a minute or two, regardless of rank lol.

  • You have to at least get them to push F10 somehow.

  • Why is it so bad to use the in game chat menu? I love spamming laugh and taunt over and over again to any ranked player, more so higher ranked players (I hear Lemon loves the follow me command :P). Sometimes i’ll do that and duck every attack I possibly can and delay the duel for as long as possible and I’ve never had anyone get upset at me (so far).
    It is just a bit of lighthearted fun imo, why does this game have to be so serious?

    The only time it is wrong is if you constantly stomp the player to the ground and insult them about it over chat after they have died, but using the game chat menu during a fight?

    • notorious feinters/draggers/reverse-look-up-OHers - archers - every fucking time, no matter which game mode - people spamming voice commands and trying to be trolly - people trying to nerdvotekick me because I “cheat” - people raging at me in chat, because I “cheat” Those I’m a dick to :) Btw, lately I noticed that new players (ranks 5-8) are total douches. They are the ones raging, calling names, calling cheats etc, completely ignoring the simple fact they’re terrible, bcoz they’re new. I mean when I bought the game and started to play (being rolfstomped by better than me in the process) the last thing I would do was to rage and offend the better and more experienced player. I mean wtf?

  • Couldnt agree more. Im a rank28, im in a duel server fighting with some fellow clan members and we were constantly getting lev5 noobs spawning in and running amok. Then they get pissy when you teach them a lesson or votekick them. Show some respect, im willing to duel them and even help them if they only show respect.

  • Whenever a newer player starts getting pissy just tell them to hold F against shields and get your shield stun and they get a lot nicer :).

    I’m not joking, this really works. None of them know it, either, and they feel like you’re helping them out immensely (and I don’t even use a shield).

  • I dunno, what could I do except winning against weaker than me? I don’t think it’s offending in any way.

  • @Mouchoirsky:

    I dunno, what could I do except winning against weaker than me? I don’t think it’s offending in any way.

    It’s not offending personally. They just don’t realize you can be better than someone in a game after they’ve quit their CoD addiction.

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