Where Da Zombie Mods At?

  • Hey guys, I’m gonna be ‘that guy’ and bring up zombies for the millionth time, because now that the SDK has support for both Maps and Code Mods, it’s time for someone, or some people, to build up a proper zombie mode. If we really want to try and resurrect (hah) Medieval Warfare, then a good strong zombie mod would add a fair playerbase and the means are finally there to do it for whoevers first to the party.

    Peasant AI could be easily tweaked along with sounds, models, textures, and animations. Or you could use the classes themselves, creating shambling corpses that can continue with one arm or crawl with one leg, until you chop off the head.
    OR you could go the route of PvP and make the Masons into zombies, give them their own special abilities, and tweak Agatha’s arsenal with anti-zombie weapons like spiked mauls or 3-headed flails lol.
    Team Objective where the zombies have to break out of the crypts, storm up through a church killing tons of peasants while Agatha holds them back as long as possible, then they have to advance through the streets of a small town against an organized defense. There’s lots of possibilities, feel free to contriboot.

  • Killing AI zombies would be way too easy. The PvP would take months and months of work, which would probably be better spent just making weapon skins and new maps for the base game.

  • I think peasants would be better. Zombies are just overdone.

    i mean even call of duty have gone with aliens now instead of zombies.

  • Would attempt, but art assets needed, so nope.

    EDIT: Peasants would be more doable.

    EDIT2: PS: Why the hell do the forums no longer let me start new lines without having to put html “br” tags everywhere???

  • How bout instead of zombies, white walkers?

  • @NabsterHax:

    Would attempt, but art assets needed, so nope.

    EDIT: Peasants would be more doable.

    EDIT2: PS: Why the hell do the forums no longer let me start new lines without having to put html “br” tags everywhere???

    Lol really you have to use line breaks?

    But yeah you use the peasant models and give them weapons. Though I think I overhead one of the devs saying that the peasants have a different skeletal mesh than the actual playable classes. So giving them weapons would mean weird stuff happens.

  • Who knows, maybe peasants are unarmed because they’re already so deadly with their fists, just bound to a peaceful code of honor that involves running really slowly with your hands on your head and running into burning buildings.

  • Were working on bringing a horse into the action as a Vehicle…Maybe a Joust mode could come from it… Its a lot of work. Look for the Spamalot server! If any Level designers want to work on some smaller Capture the Flag maps for our Game Mod…that would be cool.

  • Good luck with the horse, sounds really tricky to do right. Assassins Creed and Skyrim have pretty good models to base the movement style and animations on. Is it a zombie horse?

  • Screw zombies. Give me a peasant rebellion!

  • I’d love to see something fun with peasants!

  • I’m busy trying to familiarise myself with the editor in order to make such a zombie mod, probably won’t get very far though.

    Some ideas:

    • Co-op survival mode. Limit players to 5-6.
    • Players respawn at the start of each round/wave. Health/ammo is only regenerated at the start of each round.
    • Zombies would be modified from the peasant model, or maybe a vanguard reskinned with bloodied peasant clothes. Slow punch animation.
    • Common zombies would be very slow moving and tough.
    • “Spitter”-type zombie that spits a bile at an area (modified firebomb) to discourage camping.
    • Maybe something along the lines of weapon durability, so e.g. a zweihander will only last about 30 kills before you have to find a new weapon. Weapons to spawn randomly around the map to force players to move around.
    • A modification of the crossbowman’s shield to use as a barricade in choke points.
    • Possible objective would be to keep a king/queen alive as they wander around the map.
    • Alternative game mode: Zombies spawn in ever increasing amounts, when a player dies they respawn as a zombie. Last player alive wins.

    My biggest concern is how many zombies the game would be able to support, and if the AI can be tweaked to make them use less resources. Since it’s a UDK game, maybe we can get the AI scrips from the swarm game mode in UT2004?

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