• There is so much shit happening over and over in your damn game. When will you fix this all?!
    For example, hits going through blocks,
    attack happens when I’m not even clicking,
    not being able to type at all when chat window is open when the vote screen pops up,
    not being able to exit the server, when the Esc menu is open, when vote screen appears,
    and all the other barrage of bugs.
    It makes me so frustrated that I never see any change, and when it well is changing, it takes a frickin year.
    Oh, and thanks for improving the website. It clearly got better.

  • I’ve never had any of those bugs and I have over 600 hours of playtime. Hits CAN go through blocks, but it is very rare. I’ve had it happen to me maybe 5-7 times. Most of the time when you think an attack goes through your block, it just means your opponent dragged around your block. It’s quite easy to do, so you have to be very careful when aiming your parries/blocks.

  • Or lag, of course.
    About “attack happens when I’m not even clicking”, I think this might be the Viking attack stack bug. I feel like I’m the only one to notice this so far…

  • Oh shit this is a DW thread. facepalm (see Lemon) Uhh then I would have to take your word for it, I don’t have much time on DW.

  • I gotta say, thanks for responding so kindly when I wrote with such anger.

    The attack thing; It’s so weird because I click to make my guy attack, he responds correctly, then I don’t do anything, the character is just in walking animation, and then one/two seconds later he attacks again.
    You should all try to open the class select menu OR press Y or T to have the chat ready, and wait until the vote screen appears. Then magic happens.

  • I can answer help this a bit… mebe:

    Random attacking normally occurs with the ninja and viking, after a combo or roll and is based around the game saving your input, even after you get blocked (or roll).

    In your case, I’m assuming the attack was an overhead/stab? It’s something to do with mousewheel, and I have no idea how to fix :(

    For the votemenu, after you vote there is a chatbox on the right, but if you’re like me and pressed tab to tk someone at end of match, you can talk by pressing N. If you were already typing when votemenu pops up, god help you.

    Lastly, blocks. Generally, assume they somehow got around. It may never look it, but they found a way (my personal fav is drag sars into their side to hit with full damage) or lag. Lag is best to blame

    I don’t like it anymore than you, man civil war starts playing

    So yep there are a lot of bugs but that’s every game, what I don’t like is their communication with players, or lack of it. They work on that and things would be less unexpected.

    Hope that helped a bit.

  • I have the attacking issue its fucking dumb and annoying like the other 100 bugs. its not only with viking and ninja I have it most commonly with the spartan seems to decided to throw an attack when a fatal blow is incoming( no I wasnt spamming ) its an issue that has been present from the start and im still pissed off that a lot of stuff dosent get fixed and is not going to get fixed.

    Ugh and the typing issue fuck sake that cant be a difficult fix realy can it? aswell as the fucking dumb server browser same as CMW useless! probibly a third of the time using it its broken.

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