What a horrible community

  • This community is fucking horrid.
    Im sick of trying to find console comands for votekick seems like every team killing arsehole seems to know how to do it though after they have deliberatly team killed you, the only thing i can ask is can someone kick him? nobody ever dose…… so I take matters into my own hands and just tk them as they come over and try to kill me then someone decides to kick me for defending myself this has happend way too many times.

    Another example that im sure has been posted many times, camping on multiple team LTS just camp it out then wipe the remaining few out whoever dose this is a serious sad cunt.

    Stacking and win team joining at a constant nobody seems to be interested in the slightest to balance teams.

  • votekick playername
    confirm 0

    This is a problem with LTS, just votechange the map to something else whenever LTS comes up.

    This is a problem with autobalance which TB can’t seem to get the hang of for whatever reason.

  • thank you.

  • Oh, and if you didn’t know how to vote for new maps

    votechangemap mapname

  • Also one you have used the command once next time you up the console you can use the up and down arrow keys to cycle through previous commands you have done. And it remembers even if you quit and start the game again.

    Though deliberately teamkilling them back is the worst thing you can possibly do. People do that in MW when there’s a button to votekick. Becuase people see you charging towards that player just to murder him. While usually the guy who tked you first is a met enough to do it when no one is looking. There are plenty of trolls who want you to attack them just so they or someone else can kick you.

    I mean if you saw someone right after you all spawned start murdering a team mate what would you do? I don’t blame those people who kicked you.

  • No I didnt oftern retaliate, I just stand there and block the attacks untill my stamina is low then unleash hell on them if they havent stopped already, still some people are dumb enough to witness it and vote yes lets kick him anyway that massive 4% team damage!

  • I remember you Wrath. You’re not exactly a pillar of righteousness either. Sincerely, Jon Both

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