[Help] Setting up Dedicated Server for Custom Maps

  • Hello,

    I would like to set up a custom map server for C:MW. Is there anyone out there who could walk me through this? I have set up port forwarding already for Steam and Chivalry, although my server does not seem to appear on the list. Any help on getting into my server and additional set up for custom map usage would be very appreciated! Thanks!

  • Firstly I presume you’ve seen this: https://tornbannerjira.atlassian.net/wiki/display/CHIVCOM/Hosting+a+server+with+custom+contentThe easiest way is to copy the .cmwsdk files for the maps you want from your PC to the ServerDirectory\UDKGame\CookedSDK__CMWSDKFiles folder on your server. However you will have to manually keep these files up to date when they are updated on the workshop.

  • Okay, I looked at the link and I do not have the file “ServerDownloadList.txt”. I believe my server tool updates automatically, if not can I have a copy your your txt list?

    But my first problem, is getting my server set up and visible on the server list so I can see it. This is what I have done so far:

    • created a UDKLogging shortcut with edited target in its properties
    • enabled port forwarding
    • edited PCServer-UDKgame file

  • Sorry I don’t think you can use mine, it wouldn’t work.

  • EDIT: My server is available on LAN and I was able to access it, how do I make it public online?

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