Weird problem. Can't choose team/game freezes?

  • Alright, so, I bought the Deadliest Warrior DLC back when it was in beta, and encountered an issue:

    I can join servers, most of the time. But when it do, the camera just picks some far off place and the game just sits there. Usually the camera is crazy far off the map, or under the map, or some weird place. Can’t see any other players.

    I can’t pick a team, I can’t move the camera, it’s like the mouse and the keyboard are disabled.
    The only thing that works is the console. Esc wont bring up the menu.

    I waited for the game to just go into full release, figuring it would get fixed, but I’ve got the same problem still, and I can’t find anyone else with it via the search function.
    The tutorial works for some reason, I can actually mess with the game in that at least.

    What do? It does this with both the DLC and vanilla Chivalry. It used to run fine when I played it months ago.

    Edit: attached DxDiag and Log.

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