Server browser ONLY works when I delete ClientRegistry.blob before launch

  • As the title says…
    I’ve tested dozens of times and can confirm it is 100% the case. I can reliably start with or without the server browser working as a function of whether or not I complete this step.

    When I launch chivalry, I will get no servers in the browser unless I delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ClientRegistry.blob before launching the game. If I delete this file and launch it, it works fine. It will continue working fine until I close out of the process and launch it the next time. I literally must do this EVERY SINGLE TIME before launching the game if I want the browser to work for that play session.

    I hope this information is helpful in tracking down and potentially correcting this bug. I have a very strong suspicion this is effecting a large number of other people as well. If you’d like me to provide any further information to help diagnosis this on the engineering side, please let me know and I will oblige.

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