Input sensitivity not visually updating until restart

  • the input sensitivity visually does not update the setting it is on

    move the slider left or right and the number stays the same until you close the game out

    the setting it self updates but you cant tell what number it is on

    ill get a few screens of my game settings up and a video displaying the bug

    bug has been here for me since i bought the game


  • video added, as per my other bug report, cant take screens with steam or MSI afterburner. and fraps wont allow video recording with chivalry either.

  • ….i posted a replay ^^^^ as it says. and instead it replaced the bug report


    input sensititvity slider is not visually updating until a game restart(the number of the ammount of sensitivity)

    it updates the actual sensitivity, but the number stays the same. essentially this causes any new players to repeatedly load and exit the game to dial it in. or, in an event like today, spend 10 minutes trying to get your settings right.
    vid for you

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