In game steam commands not working

  • this is new to the latest update for me. cant access the steam overlay or take screenshots in chivalry

    this is the only game i have on steam that this is occurring with ironically noticed this while attempting to take screenshots of my settings for another bug report

  • Were you running any other program that has an overly. Even just an FPS counter.

    fraps, bandicam, razor game booster, MSI afterburner etc. Anything at all like that.

    Because I’ve done some testing and I’ve found it only has this bug when running bandicam.

  • i regularly use fraps and MSI after burner, as well as nvidia inspector and realtemp. i noticed this a few days ago and i tht the same thing, close everthing and run the program, but i still have the same issues. just played for a few minutes earlier with the same result. i even closed the steam window out

  • something else as far as other programs running correctly while playing chivalry. fraps will allow the FPS overlay but screens and video recording wont function. with afterburner you cannot use screens or the overlay but you can use the video recording….

    edit: this is when running one or the other or both

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