Do YOU bow in duels?

  • This is in my continuing study on duel etiquette. If not, I’d love to know your reasons. It’s for science.

  • I always warcry. Sometimes I will follow that up with a bow but I always warcry first so there can be no confusion.

  • AUS servers are a pretty tight knit community so you run into the same people all the time and everyone’s had plenty of great fights with everyone. If I’m trying to catch someone’s attention to get them to fight me, spamming voice commands, crouching and slamming my face into the ground repeatedly usually constitutes a bow and catches the persons attention.

    I bow before a duel, never after. A simple “Respect” voice command is enough afterwards I feel. Dark Souls kinda soured bowing for me anyway.

    This is in LTS/TO or rarely FFA mind you, I only have like 10 duel games.

  • On FFA duel servers you’re always supposed to bow and/or taunt. So I always bow.

  • In FFA duel of course. On regular duel mode? No, I know who I’m fighting against so why would I.

  • In FFA Duel, yes, I bow. I do not war-cry. I stopped doing the war-cry when too many people couldn’t figure out that it is incredibly cheap to start charging at someone when they are still in immobile from the war-cry, or worse, attack the person while still stuck in the war-cry.

    Even when I just bow though, people seem to like to start duels from like 4 feet away. When will people understand that you start a reasonable distance from each other (enough distance that neither person could possibly hit the other without first moving closer) before dueling and you don’t run up to the person who is bowing or war-crying?

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