Black Screen

  • Whenever I get in a game of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare I can see what people say in chat and my health but everything else is a black screen? Could somebody please help me with the problem please?

  • I am having the same issue- I have literally found 0 answers. I’ve had lots of trouble with this game- and now I own a broken game. Wtf Torn Banner! Wtf Chivalry! You are a fun game but stop being so buggy and crappy!!!

  • Yeah I just tried joining a few games and this happened to me, latest patch might have fucked the game (even more) or something

  • Same here… I guess we’re all playing the waiting game… Just have a seat over here, with the others >>

  • When i first loaded the game up with default settings I had the black screen bug at first. The next time I launched the game in 64bit mode and it seemed to fix it.

  • This is bullcrap! I’ve tried everything and chivalry is still a broken and useless game. It loads so well now except I can’t see anything at all!!

  • I’ve tried every fix mentioned on these forums, that’s about 5 so far and none of them work. What’s the chance of TBS fixing the black screen issue this side of the Christmas break.

    Edit: For me the black death, I mean screen, is over.

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