DarkForrest Waterfall

  • A lot of people mention it in game but I don’t think there is a thread yet?

    The Waterfall in Darkforrest is EXTREMELY loud on some systems. While for others it sounds like it is at normal volume. There isn’t an option in the audio that seems to lower it other than Master Volume and that effects everything of course.

    Whenever me and others with the same problem play on that map, all we hear is PPssssssssHHHHHHHHHHH until it is over. (More irritating if you use headphones.)

  • kept meaning to post something about this lol, always got distracted so I’m glad you decided to post.

    Yeah… Please reduce the sound on the waterfall, it drowns out everything else, its like 10x louder than stoneshill one in aoc lol.

  • haha yep. Really it sounds wonderful, very realistic volume level. For gameplay it is a bit too loud. Cant hear people on TS etc. My master volume is the lowest it can go, doesnt seem to effect this monster waterfall :)

    You can turn the game down in the volume mixer during this map, but then you can hear the waterfall and nothing else lol.

  • Developer

    I took it down yesterday, i loved it for the immersion- that river is deadly! XD anyhow i tried to find a happy medium, hopefully i didnt take it down too far, but enough it isnt driving people bonkers, let me know after next patch!

  • Thanks sir_loin!

    I would say the sound is perfect for immersion, if it were an open world game. Something you are not next to all the time.

    That said when is the MMO with this combat coming out?!? Get to work!

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