Objectives are unable to be completed

  • several TO maps are having issues (these are only the ones ive experienced)

    dark forest, corpse wagon will get stuck near the ruined watch tower at the second part. royal families heirs will glitch through walls and require excessive smacks to walls or fir pots to glitch a lil damage through to them(C has done this twice to me today)

    battle grounds, the battering ram will get stuck beyond the bridge while passing the low ground/ammo hut. both times ive seen this it had rag dolls glitching out the side of them.

    these are ones not personally experience.
    ive heard stones hill has the same battering ram issue after killing the villagers. or theres not enough villagers/houses to burn(this may be the team list glitch, your on masons, yoru text is red, tab shows you on agatha or vice versa(not refering to “you will be moved” ive seen this last whole games last week)).

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