Everything is blurry at a distance

  • Since the patch reset my video settings, I’m having trouble finding this particular option. Someone said it was depth of field, but I thought that only applied when you were aiming down sight of a projectile weapon, not constantly on. When I turn off depth of field, the blurry distance disappears but it also makes the color quality much worse. Am I missing something? Because I’m 100% sure I didn’t have this blurry distance thing on before the patch.

  • It is depth of field. I don’t get why the colours are so much better with it enabled either.

  • Depth of field SHOULD only make it not blurry at a distance.

    But for some dumb reason it changes something else a the same time. It changes a filter.

    Bugged graphics settings.

  • It’s always been there, Depth of Field enables some form of colour correction also.

  • Yeah. It would be nice if they separated those features in the options.

  • Well, I just toggled depth of field on and off and clicked finish multiple times and eventually it turned it off without changing the color.

  • Depth of field also adds another level of shadows and shading. This is why the colors seem more vibrant.

  • Protip: Always have depth of field off unless you’re at battlegrounds. It’s a shitty setting but for some reason makes it really easy to see there.

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