C:MW Oil Cauldron Bug

  • Not even really sure how this happened but I’ll post here to see if anyone wants to attempt to recreate it.


    Before the bug occured we were trying to destroy the cauldrons because we saw it happen in a pub. So we did a combination of things like catapulting both cauldrons, pouring them, dying from cata while pouring, dying from cata while near the cauldron, etc. And what happens is that your player is linked to the cauldron for the rest of the map. Every time you die your corpse is teleported up to the cauldron and it pours no matter where you are on the map.

  • I recorded it ^_^

  • @Flippy:

    I recorded it ^_^

    Andddddddddddd that’s why it’s laggy :)

  • Sad but true ;_;

  • I love this bug. I’ll make sure I’m on the wall when they break through the gate and then pour oil on them as they spawn. Eventually someone will go use the catapult to kill me. Then every time I die defending my King, I pour oil in my death animation. It’s a good thing.

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