So um, what did thew new 2.3gb update fix?

  • As soon as I load the game, it crashes on the unreal logo

    strong update torn banner

    would update again

    • Fixed a problem whereby some users could still play the game.

  • @dudeface:

    • Fixed a problem whereby some users could still play the game.

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  • It’s in the official section too, but here goes:

    Map Changes:

    • Maps have undergone major optimization passes to increase performance
    • Collision on all maps have been reviewed and improved upon
    • Added better level loading camera spawns to various maps
    • Spawning bugs fixed on Hadrians Wall
    • The sky is now present in TD Battlegrounds
    • Slight increase to defender spawn time in TO Battlegrounds on second objective.
    • Added ammo box for attackers in TO Battlegrounds
    • Wheat material on battlegrounds now show proper texture
    • Minor optimizations to the main menu map
    • Introduced checks to prevent players from entering the Agatha spawn house on the final objective of Darkforest
    • Turned collision off on meshes not within the playspace to increase performance
    • Smoothed over landscape and fixed multiple stuck spots
    • Falling into lava kills players more reliably in Citadel
    • Players are no longer able to leave the map in the first area of Citadel

    General fixes

    • Networking optimizations to improve performance
    • General assets optimization to improve overall performance
    • Fixed Low texture quality to render properly
    • First person Weapons are unaffected by low graphical settings
    • Resolution list is now properly represented in configuration menu
    • News ticker introduced in main menu
    • Torch fire effect shows in 3rd person

    Gameplay Changes

    • Death animations now properly play
    • Sticky projectile (throwing weapons, arrows) now properly display on surfaces
    • Fixed death camera jittery behaviour
    • Dropped weapons now properly show
    • Shields dropped now properly customized
    • Fixed shield attachments disappearing
    • Shield blocking now requires the animation to play before a block can occur
    • Strafing while sprinting no longer causes the player to stutter
    • Ammo can now properly be retrieved from corpses
    • Blood splatter on weapons will now properly display
    • Spawn time Added for every 20 dmg done to team members
    • Players can now retaliate after being hit while controlling the ballista
    • Fixed an issue with interrupting reloading the crossbow
    • Fixed an issue where staggered players take no damage from projectiles
    • Firepot now properly damages in a restricted area after thrown directly at a player
    • Fixed an issue when a player picks up a torch immediately after throwing one
    • Dying with a torch properly shows the torch as the correct size
    • Fixed 3rd person camera going through walls
    • Jumping is now possible with no stamina
    • Max length combo now ends correctly
    • Players are now able to customize the pavise shield
    • Projectiles now properly appear on player heads
    • Fixed shove bug for heater and buckler
    • Head explosions now behave properly for all characters
    • Improved behaviour of helmets and other attachments on death
    • Players are now able to pick up ammo thrown at corpses (affects javelin and non-incendiary thrown weapons)
    • Players will receive no team damage penalty for hitting peasants
    • Shield no longer appears on Vanguards in customization menu
    • Canceling javelin throw no longer resets stance at any stage of the wind up
    • Removed team damage penalty in LTS
    • Players will no longer instantly respawn on death
    • Created a single new loading screen to reduce storage usage

    **FFA Changes

    • Players can now spectate any player in the FFA game mode
    • Chase mechanic now properly functions in FFA game modes

    Last Team Standing Game mode changes

    • Map start times are delayed for 20 seconds
    • Players no longer spawn while viewing the character select menu
    • Players are now notified when waiting for the next round
    • Added AFK kill timer, players can no longer be AFK and survive a round
    • New enemy and friend HUD markers (placeholders, images themselves will be updated)
    • Enemy markers show when 10% of players are left or round running out of time (server customizable)
    • Draw victory is now properly represented

    SDK Changes:

    • Code mods are now completely supported, including Workshop support

    • Issue where code mods couldn’t be used with the dedicated server tool is fixed

    • Map and code mods now support localization; after cooking a mod, create a ‘Localization’ subdirectory inside the mod’s directory in UDKGame\CookedSDK; this should look like the ‘Localization’ directory at UDKGame\Localization, that is, separated into languages (INT being English).

    • Code mods now support customized config changes, which will override any existing config settings from any config file. After cooking, create a Default.ini inside the mod’s directory in UDKGame\CookedSDK.

      • You can, for instance, have an [AOC.AOCGame] and override DefaultMapPrefixes
    • Example code mods using the config and localization are coming; keep an eye on…&savesuccess=1

    • Added ?modname; not working completely, will work better in next CU2P2 build

      • Servers can now specify which mod they want to use by including ?modname= in the map URL in their command line. This will cause that mod’s config file to be loaded. For instance:

        • UDK.exe AOCTO-Frigid_p?modname=instagib
      • Similarly, admins can change to a mod by specifying ?modname in the console, assuming the server has that modadmin servertravel aocto-frigid_p?modname=instagib

    • Servers can now specify a limited subset of SDK packages, out of any downloaded, that will be uploaded to connecting users, be permitted for map votes, and will automatically be added to the server’s map list. These packages are still not autodownloaded by the server, you still need to use the WorkshopServerTool before starting the server. This does allow downloading and launching of Workshop items to be scripted though.

      • “SDKFileId” uses the ID from the Workshop URL for this item

      • “SDKFileName” uses a .cmwsdk file name

      • Example:

        • UDKLogging.exe AOCTO-Citadel_p -SDKFileId=123434434 -SDKFileName=SDKTest_whatever.cmwsdk
    • Added a GUI-based tool (at Binaries\SDKFrontend) for compiling scripts, cooking scripts/maps, and uploading to the Workshop.

      • Documentation is forthcoming.
      • The tool will handle messy things like GUIDs, and includes a feature to import existing Workshop items so one can overwrite them easily without having to know the GUID or anything else (everything is automatically grabbed by the tool).

  • @dudeface:

    • Fixed a problem whereby some users could still play the game.
    • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn’t crash


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