The so called optimization

  • The new patch really helped my fps :pride:. Before the patch I’ve always had solid 80 fps and now on a duel server my fps struggles to maintain 50 fps. Good job Tb :chuncky:

  • It’s pretty hard to diagnose a problem if you don’t give any sort of details. This patch doubled my framerate: going from struggling 50 fps all the way up to 110-120 fps, and the general consensus is that fps’ are up.
    So either something else is impacting your framerate, or there’s something deeper that needs to be looked at…

  • I can’t say that my FPS got better with this patch. I think it’s even worse than before (at least on battlegrounds). Might be better on hillside but definitely not much

  • Oh Yeah. I also found another issue. The game just freezes after a map is over. I can still hear the sounds but I’m stuck on the screen.

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