Fixed my video issue by

  • The files are on other pc which is shut down so this is from memory.

    Not sure if it helps anyone but I noted my fps was going very high and video card was very noisy 300fps?

    I opened the udk engine file in my documents>mygames chivalry > config
    I searched for the word smooth and found mine said False so changed it to TRUE
    I also made the bsmooth min 22 and max 60.
    After re starting chivalry all was good and not scary noise from video card. with a very steady 60fps

  • by the sound of it that would be the max framerate setting which a lot of people change from the 60fps cap. Have set mine back and forth but couldn’t reproduce the issue, nor could a clan member who I pestered to change it. Will make a note though and suggest this is a possible fix for people with the same issue. Thanks for letting us know :)

  • you are welcome Mr MonkeyFiend , the adventure continues tonight! First I got another update, followed by > blankscreen -so I swopped my 32 and 64 bit folders in common apps etc, Then game started ok > duel with a bot > then try to join server > authentication fails > so then game file cache check >steam replaces 8 files > Restart chivalry works fine > but no connection to any server can be established it fails >>This is actually another game within Chivalry called try to get on a server to play! This game was so tiring I lost the energy to play chivalry and shut down :)

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