• I’m not sure what it should be but something needs to be done about bloody vanguards.
    They have high armour, quite high speed and long-reaching weapons and they DOMINATE all the servers that ever have players on them. Perhaps, a decrease in speed or a slight decrease in armour would suffice to stop them clogging up the servers :?

  • They are fine.

  • My K/D increases tenfold if I go as Vanguard. Especially with a halberd.

  • I don’t think vanguards are an problem. I think some of their weapons may have balance issues though.

  • All I can think of is that the Brandistock and Halberd need longer recovery times on their stabs. Other than that there is no issue imo.

  • Not sure how they have high armor, every time I am vanguard I get killed in one or two hits. No matter what weapon is being used against me, its as if they are not wearing armor at all.

  • Other than the halberd I have less trouble with vanguards than any other class. Because of his wide, sweeping reach, though, I do understand he’ll easily rack up the most points for a while until people start learning how to play. I expected posts like this with the free beta keys going out, honestly :)

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