2.3GB Patch….

  • Why is the patch 2.3GB when it doesnt add any new major content? It’s ridiculous, BF4 China Rising was 4.5GB… Why are Chivalry patches so consistently huge despite hardly adding anything relative to their size?

  • I’ve been told somewhere that the programmers just slap the new code over the old code, while just disabling the old code. So half of this patch would just be the old code they wrote over, which would make sense. Although I don’t know anything at all about coding so I’m probably wrong. But just an idea.

  • Something about how the UDK “cooks” data doesn’t allow for patches in smaller sizes. Don’t know the specifics.

  • Nabster where are you we need your wisdom!

  • 2.3GB Is essentially redownloading most of the game. The game isn’t even 4GB if you take out DW.

    But like the game red Orchestra 2 another similar unreal engine game it has super large patches and it too resets configs and some settings with its large patches.

    It seems if you edit one file deep in the games file it redownloads the entire path including everything you didn’t touch.

  • UDK is very efficient apparently.

  • It just crashes now - does disabling the starting splash screens fix it. So frustrating to lose the game. Can’t they just back the update out?

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