How do you make your games so fun yet you suck so horribly at patch implementation?

  • totally unable to find servers again… i did get on a server earlier and you broke the map cuz one of the kings families was stuck out of the hide out. plus the client still crashes.

  • Well done guys!

    So my games crash at each changemap, the server browser is totally fucked (no server or when i see server they are 20/20 but there is only 4 people in it). Include a totally nonsense tk penalty at respawn, DOES NOT LET THE SERVER MODIFY THE TIME OF A GAME: I would like to play a 30 mins melee in the same map guys!

    i5 4570
    gtx 650
    4 Gb RAM
    Win 7 32 bits

  • wait, could this be the reason? make it so that cmw players get so frustrated they say fuck it and go buy cdw? can’t be, tbs is not so stupid to believe that the average cmw player is about as dumb as a sack of wet mice that they would not see right through a ploy as this one. either way, i will never buy that other game. i likes my cmw and not interested in that other thing….

  • I still don’t have issues with the server browser.

    i only had issues with mods and maps making the game crash at start-up. Though that was something they couldn’t really test.

  • They wanted to rush the patch out before the holidays, but we all know that Chivalry and patching is a terrifying thing.

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