Chivalry has so much potential, but they didnt exploit it -.-

  • Back on topic,
    I get what this guy is saying.
    I love the customisation thus far, but it would be great to see an extra option along the lines of:
    Being able to paint your weapons, for example, with a fixed colour pallet. So you can use brown, grey, silver, colours to mod your weapo, such as how the metal looks or perhaps if you have a bastard sword you could paint some leather strapping above the hand guard on the blade, or paint some blood grooves on your sword/blade etc etc.
    Or maybe the public could submit textures to be added as a custom option that players can select if TBS choose to add it to the game.
    That way you could have some more custom skins for various weapons, armour, shields etc etc.

    One thing which TBS could do is add optional free flying leather or cloth strapping to the pommel of a weapon/sword which players could customise the colouring of.
    Or have a flag on polearms that players can customise the colour of including their ‘customisation emblem’.
    Or having optional lanyards or cloth/ribon on the pauldron of a knight.

    I think it’d be especially cool if van gaurds could have their pole arms carry the team colours on a flag.

    Another cool idea would be if you had some NPC minstrels or squires that just mill about near the spawn point yelling encouragement. That would:
    -add to the ‘epicness’ of the atmosphere,
    -add to the significance of ‘defeat’, or being over run (image of your mistrals being dissembled/ smote to the ground)
    -increase the care factor of the team that is losing and increase the enjoyment of the team that is winning.

    Little things like that could really add to the game.

  • ^ This would be pretty neat.

    Also perhaps adding interchangeable armour pieces, like engraved/enameled/studded plate for pauldrons etc on the knight, scale/leather/chainmail for the armour under the vanguards surcoat etc. Also even bring across some of the small detail items they have in the customisation options for DW (Horns etc).

    Sure it might add to the whining we got when they introduced customisation of colours, but people get used to it.

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