What was the beta for if the patch was so different from it?

  • I mean really. There’s bugs that weren’t even in the beta. And what’s more it didn’t’ crash in the beta. I would of assumed you would of just used the exact changes of the beta and stick them in release.

    But obviously that didn’t happen.

    Or before you started making changes was the beta and release versions different to begin with? Which they shouldn’t be.

  • You actually play the game lemon? I thought you were some kind of forum warrior with ‘posting’ as your main skill in some kind of forum RPG.

  • Lemon is elite-level in the Game of Trolls.
    TBS releases every beta into live with a few ‘minor adjustments’ that they think don’t need to be tested. Then people who actually know how to stress the game (i.e. the community) get to find all the things that their paid tester misses. It’s like a treasure hunt.

  • Well there weren’t that many people testing the beta from what I could tell so there’s no way we would find every tiny bug or crash cause :\

  • I can never really find lemon, I’ve only played with him twice…

  • there were a few of us that spent some time testing things. Sure… there aren’t really ever much testers except for opening day of a beta, but it’s surprising how much you can get done with like 2-3 people. The beta overall seemed fine, no one was crashing or having other visual issues. There were some things we liked and disliked but a lot of the pre-patch bugs were in both so we kind of ignored those just thinking they weren’t getting fixed at the moment anyway… so we focused on anything new.

    Overall it seemed like a good patch. I can remember thinking the added respawn could both be a good and bad thing that needs a toggle or being able to manipulate it better. The death icon being way bigger than the team icons… and basically everyone looks like we’re playing Chivalry - medieval Sims now with those diamond icons.

    The optimization was what most noticed, i’ve had a fine computer for a while now so i didn’t really notice, i was playing citadel pre-patch with 60+ fps so that wasn’t huge for me, but others said they were getting way higher framerates than previously and could up their settings to make the game look better and still run smooth which sounded like a good thing, and even post patch which i haven’t played that much of since i was spending all day playing chiv+ once we got our server up and running with it.

    I also like some of the little things like saying “OMG THE DEATH ANIMATIONS, I FORGOT THOSE EVEN EXISTED” since we all got used to them not being there. Also i liked that you can pick up other teammates or possibly even enemies projectiles off the ground which is cool. I also think that the addition of a warm-up like timer for LTS was a much needed change since i can never seem to get in the game on the first round due to not spawning becuase i’m slow picking my weapons apparently.

    I think collision on maps has actually gotten better in some areas and then worse, obviously didn’t run on every inch of the maps to test but there’s definitely some border issues. And there are still little cave holes to where you can hide in on certain maps with no collision so you can go inside rocks and walls still. They fixed the ability to exploit spots on battlegrounds, stoneshill, etc. though. It also seemed like a lot of the optimization involved screwing with textures making them look bad or removing the textures completely like from tops of trees and rocks and stumps and shit like that… so it’s like we got optimization from basically taking out textures where they think people wouldn’t notice them missing lol…

    I also notice now that free for all and shield customizations don’t fully work. I’ve gotten my ffa customs to work but i seem to have to kkeep changing them and they don’t always display properly, and also my shield never seems to work. First off i can’t see it to customize it in the menu, and then i have some randomly customized and colored shield in game.

    Overall i’m under the impression that this is probably a good patch, but like i said i need to play it now that it’s been released more because like i said i was playing chiv+ the day the patch released for like 6 hours straight. On paper, it looks like a great patch to be honest, and i’m pretty sure anything that’s broken may eventually get hotfixed. I’m hoping that some of the new devs can sort out some of the other issues as well. And thank god those fucking 2 handed animations didn’t make the cut, amirite!?

  • Well, TBS has new programmers. I guess they’re starting to understand why every patch breaks this game in some way.

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