FreeFoV mutator?

  • This is Unreal Engine 3.0, we going to get anything like that?

    The default FoV is far to low, and even @ 100, which the Engine limits in MP, is to low. For proper 16:9, you need 105 FoV.

  • Is there that notable of a difference going from 100 to 105 though? Five degrees is a very small amount… Personally I’m good with the default, but then again I’ve never tried anything higher.

  • Every bit counts. That extra 5 makes the FoV Correct. It just overall feels better, peace of mind as well.

    I can’t wait for the FoV slider. I can type FoV 100 in console right now, but it defaults to 90 every weapon swap / death / basically anything.

    Plus, you have to think of Eyefinity / NVIDIA surround, needs a FoV of 148, which some Unreal Engine 3.0 games support. UT3 itself does not, but other games built on it’s Engines can adjust FoV all the way up to 200.

    And anyone who says they shouldn’t do this because of cheaters is an idiot. I can’t see FoV used as a cheat, I’d be more worried about scripters and speedhackers and all that. Having a little more extra scene space does not overcome player skill.

    But it does help remove headaches.

  • Anyone who thinks that changing the FOV is cheating is an idiot, if you press ‘P’ you can magically see behind you, a game feature! I do agree that the FOV shouldn’t have a max or min, despite what I said before.

    In the meantime, I suggest you bind the ‘fov 100’ command to a key. Type this into console:

    setbind g fov 100

    That way you can just press ‘G’ to set the FOV back to 100. The key bind will exist even after you weapon swap, die, or restart the game (however the binds will reset when the game is patched). ;)

  • I already did this.

    But pressing it after every attack / weapon switch is a little annoying.

  • Hmmm… Map it to ‘W’? That’ll do the trick! :D

  • Then it just constantly shifts from default FoV back and forth and looks like I’m constantly zooming in and out.

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