[FIX] Game crashing, game will not start…

  • I used Retsnom’s configs and INI tweaks to get the game running at a playable frame rate. Yeah it looked ugly but I could play it and was getting up too 200 fps at the main menu and 70-120 fps on average in game. After the patch, with all the optimizations, the game would not even start, it would crash while loading. So I friended him up on Steam since he is banned from posting on the forums and he told me what to do.

    The first thing was to go and delete his INI tweaks.
    Totally delete both these files: UDKEngine.ini UDKSystemSettings.ini
    Then goto Steam Library and right click on Chivalry:Medieval Warfare/Options/Local Files/Verify Integrity of Game Cache
    Let it run. It will reacquire default versions both of these files.
    You may have to run it more than once.
    Then start the game.
    Test it on default settings and you will see some great improvements in FPS and the game should load and run fine.

    I can actually play the game with almost 40-60 FPS now, with most all settings on max. I would only get 30 max with everything maxed out tlll I found Retsnom’s tweaked INI files. So the devs did a nice job of improving the visuals. I just wish Retsnom wasn’t banned because I would like to see what his tweaks would do after the optimizations. I do know that if you can unlock the FPS cap in the UDKEngine.ini under UseSmoothFrameRate=False or by increasing the MaxDesiredFrameRate=120 or what ever.

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