Help With Ninja. 1st or Third person

  • Im having troubles deciding whether playing a ninja with 1st or 3rd person view is better.

  • There really isn’t a solid answer here, and you’ll see every opinion flying around.

    Why choose though? I bind my toggle perspective button to “C” and flip as needed.
    If I had to choose one, it’d be first simply because 3rd person is disabled on many servers.

    3rd gives more information in multi-opponent combat where keeping track of your sides is more difficult.
    1st gives better information on what’s directly in front of you.

    But those are very general statements that aren’t taking into consideration a wide array of variables. They are both very useful and any analysis which is trying to give a general answer is misleading imo. People like simplicity but simplicity isn’t efficiency.

  • I do first only, I find it very important in this game since you need to be extremely accurate with your tracers with each swing and stab since the tracers behave differently in this game than in MW. Also because you can’t drag as much, you’ll need that extra accuracy 1st person gives you when controlling your attacks.

    The things I can do with alt overhead Ninjato cannot be done near as effectively in 3rd person.

  • My answer isn’t specifically for ninja but for all classes in MW and DW. I find that first-person is always superior for ranged weapons, and third person is always superior for 1st person. Reason being is because third person allows you to react much better not only to what your current target is doing, but also to what is going on around you. In third person you can see other people coming in to kill you a lot easier, and you can dodge/react to attacks better and faster.

  • Basically what SOC said.
    Although, for classes the heavy classes, I often find 3rd person camera pleasing. Not sure why.

  • 3PoV just sucks, using by exploiters and semi cheaters, from my opinion

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