[Idea] A mod ala CRPG or Mercenaries (From M&B: Warband)

  • Now, with the coding accesible, is it possible to make a mod where people earn their items through playtime/ingame currency and then buy weapons with it from said mod’s website?

    To elaborate with an example: I play the mod. I kill 3 guys on a mod server, which yields me 100 ‘gold’. This gold is stored in the mod’s website database. With this gold I can now go to the website and check and buy a weapon from all the weapons existing in the mod. Most will of course have a higher price, but I buy the cheapest weapon - say, a dagger. Now, when I go back ingame my character (steamnick and mod website account must be the same) can choose that dagger as an equipable weapon.

    Same should go for armor and shields.

    So, is this possible, and if so, is it extremely hard to make, or is it realistically achievable?

    Personally, and I know many other people feel the same, the mods cRPG and Mercenaries in M&B Warband have kept me playing that game for much longer than I otherwise would have done. The fact that you make progress throughout your play time is a nice incentive to keep playing (that is not to say that expensive gear should mean ‘best’ gear: it should simply have different stat focuses than the cheaper weapons - it could be that cheap weapons were generally faster, but with less damage + less elegant visuals.

  • great idea but this isnt warband so it will take ALOT of modeling work (making new weapons,armor etc), so good luck finding someone :)

  • Hey, I’m a fairly accomplished texture designer, and I can do meshes decently too, and, if we can muster the scripters, I’d be interested in helping this happen. I’d be also very interested in talking with you further about exactly what you planned with the idea if possible.

  • Thanks for sharing the information. I found the information very helpful.

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