• Has the AI on the bots been improved? I just jumped on a create game FFA to test my fps after messing with settings after the patch, and I got into killing the bots for a while. It really seems like they’re tougher. I swear I had one that feinted me, then blocked my attack, and then kicked me! It actually freaked me out a bit and I had to press tab to check I’d not somehow ended up on a FFA server! They’ve surprised me on the odd occasion before, but this seemed different.

    It wasn’t just that one bot either, they all seemed a bit smarter and harder to kill. Don’t get me wrong, they were still like wheat to a scythe, but I’m sure they were more potent than before.

    I didn’t see anything in the patch notes, is it just my imagination?

  • A bot actually parried my attack which is more than what they normally do and just eat hits until they die.

  • I thought they mentioned something about the bots being improved somewhere. I could just be tripping though.

  • The bots are learning I could swear after being killed by a bot a hand reached out and took a cube of my choc while laughing at me. its bots revenge for my countless hours of slaughtering them for a warm up before going online

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