PC Shuts down on MW

  • Sooo this used to only happen on UDK when building the lighting on a map, or when playin ACIV:BF(Which ran at a smooth 40ish fps and happened rarely). Well, since the latest patch, I can’t play MW more than 10-15 mins before my PC shuts down, like no errors, no nothing; Monitor:Fade to Black, PC completely shutdown. DW works fine, and shut down my PC a few times during beta, but very rarely(and randomly nonetheless) recently.

    There doesn’t seem to be any instances that increase the chance for my PC to shutdown, could be 5 players on a small map, or 32 players on a large map, even got to play on that 64 player NFO server last night for about 20 or so mins, and it was full, before it shut me down.

    Anyone else have this issue? Is it simply that I need a new PSU(I’m using a 650 watt from a Dell XPS 600 I got back in '06)? Or has maybe my GPU(GTX 260) finally reached it’s limits(I still get 40-60 FPS on Chiv and 30ish on newer high graphics games without overheat)? Everything else is fairly new, sabertooth 990fx r2.0('Tis a beautiful motherboard), good CPU and such

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  • Some motherboards (don’t know if yours does it) automatically shut the entire system down if it detects that the hardware is becoming too hot to prevent permanent damage to the hardware. That may be what’s happening. What about other games? Have you ever tried lowering the graphics setting?

  • Yea, I can play DW at 1080p and and used to could MW. Tried all sorts of lower settings the past couple days, doesn’t change anything, except make the game ugly. I’ve used speedfan fora while now abd everything gets warm, yeah, but nothing too hot that it should shut down, plus I got hella fans for general pc case temp. I’ll be (hopefully) getting a newer Graphics card in the next month so I’ll be able to eliminate that later, but I haven’t seen any obvious reason why it would do that. Maybe my motherboard is one of “those”, not sure, threw this thing together pretty quick and it’s been running for about a year now.

  • If the system is hard powering down, it’s usually something in the hardware that’s making it and aside from rare hardware faults it usually overheating as the culprit.

    Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be the usual suspect of cpu or graphics, bad memory can be a culprit too - I had an old asus board that would shut down, cpu/gfx were fine, but after a while I realise the southbridge chipset was overheating :s (so added an aftermarket thermaltake southbridge fan)

    I don’t know what OS you’re using, but assuming it’s win 7 if you type memory in the program search thing in the start menu you should get “windows memory diagnostics”. After testing the memory I’d probably start looking at software like prime95 with cpu to see if putting load (and therefore more heat) causes the computer to power down.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Yes, it’s Win 7. XP was mah favorite, ah, simpler times. I ran the memory diagnostic, which i completely forgot existed the past 2 years, Nothing wrong there. Memory is 1 stick of 8gb. I’ll post mah dxdiag in the op and I’ll try re-seating the memory and checking connections tonight sometime.

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