Choppy animations since patch

  • Torn banner i dare you to revert the changes you did to the netcode and the other optimization stuff or tell us what was changed so we can change it with the SDK

    since the newest patch some animations are horrible and skip alot of frames

    try greatsword lookdown overheda or sow overhead , longsword combos etc they all skip frames big time and look like their animations got their fps put in half

  • For once I actually agree with Crushed.

  • I’m getting a lot of instances where I see a guy ducking/looking down, get hit, then see the windup. While I understand what’s going on with the polehammer and the bardiche, why is this happening for the claymore so much? The claymore and the bearded axe have gotten a lot worst to detect after the patch, in my opinion. They don’t hit when they look like they should, and this isn’t just with the claymore and bearded axe, but those are the more common ones (and kind of always were).

    Interestingly broadsword stabs are no longer the bane of my existence if the player has under 100 ping. They are almost easy to read now. Forks as well. The brandi is much less of a threat for me because I can now see if it’s moving forward or a feint (because now there are frames between windup and release). All polearm stabs are fairly easy to read now, though I find the bardiche one to be really early at times in comparison to it’s animation.

    Of course I have to be careful here because it’s possible my opinion is based on entirely too much play time in the past day, where servers were difficult to get on and everyone on was on few servers, causing massive ping spikes for said servers.

  • This is something everyone in Tempest noticed once the patch came out. Just very weird jittering and choppiness overall. Quite annoying.

    Crushed I thought you said you quit?

  • I quit live chiv :)

  • this needs to be fixed asap

  • Is this problem exclusive to Chivalry+?
    I just figure that since all attacks can be instantaneous without the bubble, the obligatory lag would make it seem like animations are broken.

    I haven’t noticed the animations themselves being choppier than before, tbh.

  • @B4RK:

    I just figure that since all attacks can be instantaneous without the bubble, the obligatory lag would make it seem like animations are broken.

    You can do the same in vanilla by sticking your head into your opponents belly. There should be a hitbox preventing this from happening instead of the bubble that just prevents footwork and backstabbing. If the issue is exclusive to Chiv+ its not because of the missing bubble.

  • @B4RK:

    Is this problem exclusive to Chivalry+?

    Considering i was testing this on live its a problem from the latest patch, has nothing to do with the bubble or chiv+

    the animations are simply worse now and skip way more frames

  • Just to clarify, I like having the bubble gone. It’s just that I’ve seen a lot of people saying “Chiv+ causes desyncs” and the bubble removal is how I explained that to myself.

    But all right, apparently this was a completely different thing from the topic.

  • I agree the animations seem choppy, I hope they will be fixed soon.

  • my bud told me to reverify my cache, while this helped a bit, it’s still choppy… but way less choppy than i WAS getting… had that old 4 missing files shit that i had to re-aquire.

    NO i’m not saying this is a fix, but it certainly makes it better somehow.

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