Game Video Error and Weapons error

  • Hello,

    I bought this game about 4 weeks ago from Steam.From the start it had a problem:
    My game was completely freezing and every time when i open Task Manager it has the message at Chivalry:Medieval Warfare “Ran out of Video Memoey.Exiting…”.I can play about a half a match before it is freezing.
    Please help me,the game costed me 20 euro and i want to buy Chivalry:Deadlist Warrior but before i do that i have to make sure it WILL work.
    So PLEASE answer to me with a Solution.
    And i have another problem.I have to get 3 kills to unlock a new weapon.I unlocked it and the next time i enter the Game i have to do that again.
    So please Answer to me with a Solution for both Problems

  • For the first one I changed my config today and it got fixed(dunno if it was relevant or just pure luck) . Haven’t had a crash since this morning :
    for the second one , it’s a known bug and it has been around for weeks yet they haven’t fixed it . Nobody knows when they will actually fix it .
    After hours of playing , I’m still rank 5 and have unlocked only one weapon .(actually had to unlock it for 10 times until it actually stayed that way)

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