Chiv+: "All weapons shared between classes" community opinons?

  • Soooo about this idea…

    Knight - added vanguard weapons, archer onehanders
    Vanguard - added knight weapons, archer onehanders
    MAA - added 1h SoW, 1h LS, 1h Messer, warhammer (no 2h animations)

    what does the community think about this idea? I mean, if the core combat is good then it wouldnt be a problem tbh, and you could pick the classes more for their class special and not for the weapons

    soo… honest opinions please? (not saying this will happen in chiv+, just an experimental idea)

  • i know i will probably get flamed for this idea but i thought it would be cool.

  • I don’t think you’d ever get that balanced, worse enough as it is right now.

    Knight with Zweihaender, Halberd or Fagger? Dayum.
    But Vanguard with Knight swords is something I could like.

  • Oh lawd. Knights with VG weapons.

  • Brandiknight all day erryday.

  • what about some penality like decreased movespeed on knight for using halberd f.e. ?

  • I think it would just take way too much work to balance. Probably impossible to balance really. I wouldn’t mind experimenting with maybe a few weapons. But making a massive change like that wouldn’t end well, I don’t think.

  • Might be fun just for messing around but I doubt you would get that balanced. You should focus on balancing the actual game first :P

  • knight with van weapons is crazy.

  • I think this is a great idea and would actually make things easier to balance. Hear me out… Right now when thinking about balance between classes, we have to consider both their weapon selection and their class traits. Sharing weapons would mean that you could do that balance separately. Instead of hearing “vanguard OP” and thinking, “do we nerf vanguards or do we nerf brandis?”, you would hear either “vanguard OP” or “bandi op” and could target changes more precisely. For this to be relevant there would have to actually be a commitment to balancing class traits in the first place, but I still think it’s a neat idea.

  • I would like too see Vanguards with one-handers other than axes.

    Basicly add to VG:

    -Flanged mace
    -Holy water sprinkler

    Vanguard is like a MAA and Knight combined together but with long weapons and a charge ability, why not add one-handers?
    Make it interesting, test it a bit… :)

    You could also add a Heather shield option, but hey - that may be too much.


    Soooo about this idea…

    Knight - added vanguard weapons, archer onehanders

    Someone wants Knight with Shortsword real bad.

  • actually GS for knight real bad, couldnt care less for shortsword.

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