Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior: Ran out of Memory Error

  • Hello, I recently purchased the Chivalry Medieval Warfare DLC: Deadliest Warriors on Steam and attempted to play it. Everything seemed normal, I got into game’s menu normally with absolutely no problems and then joined a server. As it was loading I was presented with the character selection screen at the beginning. As I went to enter the game, it froze. I waited it out and then received an error message stating “ran out of memory.” I tried again with no luck, tried different types of servers, tabbed out, tampered with some of my settings, restored the cache, all with no luck. Please help! Thank you very much in advance.

  • I had this problem on MW . Changed my config today and it got fixed(along with UDK.exe not responding error) . I’ve a great PC but I always got these two errors . Dunno if changing config was actually relevant or not , but I’ve not seen these crashes since morning .

  • for a nub…how do you mean, you changed your config…just got this on the summer sale, and am loving what I have played, but my older rig is seeming to be strained to the max even though I’m above the min specs. Any other advice to help my, “ran out of memory” issue other than buying a new rig? intel duo core 2.8 ghz / 4 gb ram / GT450 / Win 7 32bit

  • The game specifically said in a big purple box that you require 64 bit windows to play it properly. Otherwise you get the run out of memory error.

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