Punishment for teamkills - I have a better idea for this

  • First idea: punishment for teamkills. Now it’s a few seconds added to the respawn time. I have a better idea:

    No seconds added to the respawn time. But if you kill a teammate, you lose one kill from your scorebord.
    Example: I have 5 kills and 3 deaths. If I killed a teammate, I have 4 kills and 3 deaths now.

    If I had 0 kills, I would have -1 kills if I killed a teammate.

    I find this idea much better than seconds added to my respawn time. It really makes no difference for me if I resped after 5, 6, 7 or 10 seconds. One kill less for a teamkill is much better idea. Players will be watching their swings, catapult users will stop spamming with those huge stones.

  • This is already sort of the case and look how “little” teamdamage is done now. COUGH

    If you kill a teammate it doesn’t give you -1 kill but it does give you -10 score(equal to a kill).

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