Game engine

  • Is it just me or looks like CDW is poor game compared to CMW?

    I mean…the idea is great…the chararacters…the weapons…I loved it…but the game don’t have the same quality as CMW, the first one looks much more polished…combate is much more precise…and I don’t see my hands in blur when I look around.

    does anyone has the same feeling or my configurations might be messed up?

  • Motion blur is an option you can enable or turn off in your settings for both games. I may be misunderstanding “I don’t see my hands in blur when I look around.” though.

    MW is more polished. Combat is not more precise. Latency gives you this impression since DW is faster so lag comes into play more. Honestly the weapon hitboxes are significantly more precise in DW as most of them don’t extend past the model.

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