Didn't TB say all future DLC was gonna be free?

  • I remember when i bought the game in alpha and TB announced that all future DLC would be free, what ever happened to that?

  • What are you an archer PooDawg? You keep popping up and sniping at Tb and then vanishing. Your other post I read was about TB pissing on opinions you claimed . As long as crass knaves exist to snipe I will be on them with my Sword of War! The new maps were free were they not?? A few hats is not a big deal and worth paying out for tbh.

  • I believe it may be the case that all mandatory DLC is free, such as new maps and weapons for the game. New hats for yourself and Deadliest Warrior are however optional, you can choose if you want them and so, choose to pay or not. I have no idea if this was what they had in mind but hey, do you really expect to buy a game and get endless updates for free?

  • I will say however, there has been a staggering lack of fixes and updates to DW since release… that said I can understand why they are focusing on MW. Tons of neighsayers were dead sure that a new game felt they were going to be forgotten. Think… Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

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