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  • Chivalry is an amazing game that I believe has the potential to break new grounds in skill based melee combat video games. The game encompasses much of what most people dream of when they look for a game of this theme and variety.

    Although many suggestions on this forum are more directed towards the game on a more micro-scale, I would like to make a suggestion that I believe is at least worth thinking about in the larger scheme of things.

    After looking at the success the game will have after release one should consider if the game could be transferred to gaming platforms such as the Xbox 360 and PS2 as well?
    There is a large demographic that would be very interested in a game of this caliber and would definitely love to play it on their console.

    There have been little to no games that tackle this genre and theme as well as what I predict this game will accomplish. Although there is a large community of PC gamers I believe keeping such an epic title from a larger market of console style gamers would be a shame.

    Even being a small company I think it is important to make considerations that could make gamers of all platforms aware of the talent and excellence that is produced at Torn Banner Studios.

    Nothing would be more epic than a game like Chivalry capable of being played on a console with split-screen capabilities and online multiplayer. Chivalry could easily match and surpass some of the most successful titles of our time like Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War while bringing something new and exciting to the table.

  • Do you think that Chivalry could be released on console. And if it was, how well do you think it would do? Chivalry is almost my dream game, I’ve wanted a game like this ever since I was 5 years old. I hope it comes to console one day.

  • Console ports aren’t a simple matter. It would take a whole lot of time and money to get it done - though the devs have expressed an interest in the possibility if there’s enough demand for it.

    But if it ever did happen, I don’t imagine it’d happen for a long time post-release. I suspect the devs will be focusing all their energy on providing new content for the PC version before they ever even consider a Mac port, let alone consoles.

  • I completely agree. I think it could draw in a huge crowd and be a very successful title if released on Xbox and Playstation.

    Its something I definitely hope Torn Banner Studios is considering.

  • That makes sense that they would focus on improving the game and include more new content initially. Torn Banner Studios seems to be very methodical and detailed about the way they produce games in all of their stages.

    If they explored the option and saw it as a plausible project I wouldn’t put it past them to start another kickstarter for platform expansion. I know lots of people that would be interested in investing in such a fantastic game.

  • Developer

    We are aware that a significant portion of the community is interested in seeing this happen- and we are too! The game already plays great on a controller. That said we are 100% focused on the PC release of Chivalry at the moment. If all goes well there and the game becomes popular + we are able to find the right partners (microsoft/sony won’t let just anyone publish games to their platforms) then it is something we will definitely consider.

  • I also express interest in seeing this on another platform.

    Well since the two threads merged there isn’t much point in what i had down before.

  • Merged.

  • The main reason I would like chivalry to be expanded to other platforms is that my PC wouldn’t be able to run it. I also feel that Torn Banner could make a large sum of money by expanding to other platforms.

  • Would It be possible sometime in the future to make this available on OSX and Macs?

  • @cexiPOWER16:

    Would It be possible sometime in the future to make this available on OSX and Macs?

    Only if they get a significant amount of money to do so. Use Bootcamp.

  • I personally would love to play chiv on a ps3 or xbox with my friends. The game plays really well on my gamepad.

  • Yeah, the devs said it does. I can’t really play a game like this with a controller though.

    But porting to Consoles is even more expensive than MacOS and they don’t have money for that…so highly unlikely, unless this surprises us all and is a take-off hit, rivaling Counter-STrike. :P

  • Tbh, the smartest move would be able to get this game onto the consoles… The majority of gamers out there are console users either because they can’t afford a new computer, lazy to install it, or is against some of the new crap like Steam. (I’m personally not a big fan of Steam but I ain’t against it). And yes, the majority of players are console… Only 4 out of my 20+ friends actually play games on the computer and prefer doing so.

    Also, I am a console player. Only games I play on the Computer are the Stronghold Series and Minecraft… The reason why I don’t play many other games is cause my computer sucks (My RAM is only 510MBs… So… Yes. It sucks). I will NOT be able to play this game but I would gladly pay 60 dollars for it if it ever comes out for the Xbox 360 plus it shouldn’t be too hard to convert to the Xbox 360 cause I heard a rumor that they the game working with an Xbox 360 Controller which means they do have the controls set-up already… Just need to change the scripting so the Xbox will read it.

    Also, I don’t wish to insult them but they gotta be really ignorant to NOT put the game onto other consoles; especially since the game is pretty much made to be able to be on all gaming platforms. It would be near impossible to say it wasn’t… (Graphics seems good enough for the consoles. The general fighting style and controls will easily work for console players… Etc).

    So… Overall, putting this game onto the consoles, like PS3 and Xbox 360, should a very high priority, if not the top one… It should be BEFORE add-ons and patches, actually.

  • Ignorant?

    They used UDK, which is free, on the PC. Getting it on Consoles takes A LOT OF MONEY.

    Also, PC has the most gamers, just most play Facebook games. :P

    Still, looking at something like Skyrims release shows you PC gaming is stronger than ever.

    It’s also not as simple as changing scripts. It is Unreal Engine 3.0 though, so it’s not out of the question.

    But the amount of money required…just not there. It’s not feasable for them.

    And a 59.99$ price tag would be absurd, it wouldn’t sell, at most a 24.99$ PSN / Xbox Live only game.

    And new crap like Steam?

    Steam’s been around since 2003 - hardly new.

    And Graphics seem good enough for consoles? What the fuck is that?

    As for working with controllers, sure, yes, it works, but it’s not ideal.

    They aren’t ignorant in any way. You have unrealistic expectations. They are Indie, what you’re talking about would require a publisher and a big budget.

    They have to pay both Microsoft & Sony a fee just to put the game on there, then a fee to Epic Games, then there is patches which cost a whopping 50,000$ per on X360. Also, they plan for Add-ons and DLC to be free, which Microsoft does not allow.

  • yea its really noooot a good idea to put it on consoles for my like i mean: playing on servers with mixed types of players would be just serious skill diffrence just because controllers these days arent made for osmething like that like others already mentioned. and srsly however that sounds to you guys but this team did already a fucking lot for us and we should just be happy someone didnt want to see crits, blue coloured items, gay robed “ass.assins” and stuff like that.

    sry if i this sounds kinda ragey but im just glad htis thing came out as it is, fuck look around guildwars and wow are kinda celebritys and there is no fukcing explanation for it.

  • Wait a second. Am I looking at this wrong? Is this like a ‘small game’ like “Minecraft” and “Fighting is Magic”? Not a major game like “Skyrim” and “Halo”?

    Oh yeah… Then sorry. I was thinking this was going to be like a major release type of thing but still… My computer will NOT be able to handle it unless they some-how magically make sure that the game only use up 500MB of RAM or lower… Plus, I’m not a fan of Steam and all that fancy online stuff… I don’t mind them and agree with a lot of them but all-in-all, I think it is mainly a scam and annoyance…

    And false actually, I read up things and looked at many polls… The majority of gamers are on consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii, etc) with Xbox 360 being the most famous (I’ll blame Halo for that one)… From my estimates, around 35 - 40% of gamers are PC gamers. As for Skyrim, there will be a lot of PC gamers for that game for sure mainly because of the modding community but, if my memory is correct, I remember Todd talking about that the majority of their players are actually on the console. (He was talking about in a article cause he wanted to get player-made stuff onto the consoles but that will never happened).

    But, all-in-all… I do think this game may become famous enough to get onto the Xbox and PS3… I mean, it happened to Minecraft… No? Eh. I guess it is a wait-and-see type of thing… I do hope it does get onto consoles though and hope they’ll considered it once the game becomes famous enough which it wouldn’t take long… From what I’ve seen of this game, ye’h… It wont take long.

    My best guess, now after knowing how ‘big’ this game is, will be that someone else may request permission to make this for the Xbox/PS3 OR they will make enough money from the PC community to do it. I guess we’ll wait and see; and I shall hope for the best!

    Oh, and trust me… It can be as easy as changing scripts… Cause that is really all it is XD. When it comes down to it, a game is really just a bunch of pictures, videos, and scripts… And only one thing is required to change/edit to make so the game works on other systems.

  • Yep, to much money, and not enough people would be my opinion. Big companies get teams of people working on each version (PC, PS3, XBOX).

  • Impossible to have no enough people… You only need one guy… (Though it just take a LONG time with just one guy but it is possible). The real issue lies within the price of doing so and, like I said, if they make enough money from the PC version then can prolly do it.

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