No servers

  • I bought Medieval Warfare yesterday and I see no servers…I lost my money or what?:heart-borken:

  • I’m having the same problem; no servers show up, even when i hit refresh. For me it worked fine for about a game or two, then stopped. The funny thing is that it works fine with my desktop, I’ve tried disabling all my firewalls and still no servers show up.

    I’ve recently redownloaded and installed the game and still nothing… it didn’t even work for an initial game or two. idk what’s going on

    I tried to attach an image but there’s no “okay” button or anything, so there’s a bug right there. Anyway, this isn’t a HUGE issue cause i have another computer that it works on.

  • Yeah i just bought the 4 four pack and i cant find servers either, hope some one can help

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