Weapon swing times need to be faster

  • First let me say that I really enjoy the game and have gotten it for myself and as a gift for someone else. That said, I think the game would really benefit from faster weapon swing times, especially for overhand swings. Most medieval swords were not more than 3.5lbs. And if you watch videos of people sparring you will see they swing a lot faster (I know they are only sparing with faux weapons, but my point stands).
    The main problem caused by this is very disorganized and unrealistic looking combat, with people running back and forth, or making overly aggressive forward movement to catch someone backpedaling. A swords swing is going to be much faster than the movement of a whole person.

    By doubling or tripling swing speed, not only will vertical attacks become much more useful(giving less time for people to move out of the way), it will also make blocking more imperative(speed may need to be increased too) and the counter after a successful parry more meaningful since an opponent can’t just back out of range.

    The reason I bring this up is because I think it will lead to an improvement in game-play and aesthetics, by allowing more actions and less dead time, and requiring less sprinting in the midst of combat and making more of the attacks practical. This would also improve the odds in 1v2 disorganized opponents because the time to kill would be less. So in that way it also rewards skill.

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