Servers showing up as full when they are not

  • Since the last patch, the old problem of servers showing up as full has resurfaced. I will log on to a server that the browser says is full, only to find that it is empty or there are two or three players. This is a big problem, since after I join a couple of games and leave because there aren’t enough players, Chivalry seems to mess up my ability to browse the internet for a few minutes. Before this patch, it was easy to find a well populated FFA server and jump into a good game. That isn’t the case now, and I think this is hurting the numbers of players who take part.

    Is anything being done about this? Is everyone else experiencing the same issue?

  • Everyone is. That’s the old bug reintroduced with the latest update.

    Welcome to Chivalry :)

  • Yeah, it sucks. In the past week I’ve found one server that was actually full. The rest have read as full with less than 10 people in them. And before the patch I could easily find great servers with lots of players. I can’t find anyone now.

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