Level keeps resetting to 5

  • Everyone who bought the game from the steam sale/recently, has been unable to level up as their level keeps getting reset back to 5.

  • Well. My level is resetting to 5 too.

    I can’t unlock any new weapons either. It says, that i need 61 kills for the tier 3 weapon. The kills are counting - but when the map is changing, it says, that i need 61 kills again. This is happening since 3 days. I really like the game, but i want to unlock stuff. That’s bad =/

    I have read many posts about the “resetting issue” on this and steam forum. There are some workarounds, which are not working for me. I tried editing the UDKstats.ini and reinstalling the game. Im playing on official servers with more than 5 players… Does anyone have another workaround?

    Thanks in advance. I’m very frustrated =(

  • Hey guys. I’ve yet to figure out a way to fix the level 5 bug but I have come up with a solution to fix weapon unlocks. It can be difficult if you’re not computer literate but if you are, I will post it when you’ve replied back. This ‘fix’ will unlock every weapon for every class permanently.

  • Post it please :)

  • Posted in Tech Support forums. Labelled ‘Weapon unlocks resetting=fixed’

  • Thanks Scion. I had my doubts about whether this would work… I still cannot level up my rank, and getting new unlocks is not a reliable process. I was able to unlock the Halberd after a few tries (the unlock I most wanted!). I suggest getting all the necessary kills before a map switch and then not disconnecting until you make sure the unlock is still available after a map change. I did try reselecting my class after my 1st death as I’ve seen suggested elsewhere, but who knows if that helped.

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